Run DCS header applications on your ClearPath / A-Series. Modeled after the W2K-MCS, this MCS allows users to port DCS header  applications to the ClearPath and use all the capabilities the CP3680 gave them. Take the link to the next level for more information.

With PNC's V2AMCS used in conjunction with the OpenIT Connectivity System, ClearPath / A-Series users can now have all the CP3680 functionality. Modeled after the NT-MCS, the V2AMCS has all the features and diagnostics. Handlers, forms, DCSRES commands, FEP commands, wakeups , and Hand-to-Hand messages are all included. We doubt if you use any function of the CP3680 that is not included with the V2AMCS or the NT-MCS.



Convert applications to run on Windows 2000 or Windows 2003. The W2K-MCS emulates the V-Series MCS , including all diagnostic capabilities. But it doesn't stop there, call PNC for details on running converted apps on W2K and interfacing to your online system. Take the link to the next level for more information The MCS is a Windows 2000 version of PNC's V-Series MCS, a SWITCH replacement program. It has all the same or similar features, including trail and programmatic control. Also multiple copies of W2KMCS can run on the same Windows 2000 PC. But Don't limit this to V-Series only. W2KMCS is just one piece of W2KMCS. We just mention V-Series because of the variety of headers. Applications do not have to have V-Series headers. Call us to find out more.

PNC's W2KMCS is a way that host applications can be moved from the Unisys host to a Windows 2000 server on the LAN/WAN. This reduces the load on the proprietary host and moves that load to an Open Systems PC on the LAN/WAN. This provides a means of migrating off the UNISYS host and yet preserving the user network. Since the applications are basically the same, users do not have to be trained for a totally new application. The W2KMCS is perfect for utility applications to be offload off the host.

In most case host based applications can be recompiled with Fujitsu or MicroFocus COBOL with minimal changes.


Applications can be compiled using Fujitsu COBOL, MicroFocus COBOL, Visual BASIC,  C++, or .NET on a Windows 2000/2003 Server. Host resources are freed up thus postponing expensive expenditures/upgrades.


no headers required or
for converted V-Series applications headers can be:

  • NDL
  • SNDL
  • DCS

Some of the Languages used today:

  • Fujitsu or MicroFocus COBOL
  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Microsoft Visual C and C++
  • .NET
  • AccuCobol


  • 600 Maximum per MCS
  • includs system consoles, local and up to 9 remote


  • OpenIT Connectivity System, if legacy or TCP/IP workstation interfacing is required

Diagnostic Tools:

The Windows 2000 MCS contains the following debugging tools. Sample programs are provided.

  • Application Trails
  • Programmatic Control
  • Statistics
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