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FILE-ACCESS For Windows...

Connects Unisys `V' series, `A' series and ClearPath to LAN/WAN workstations. Formats data on-the-fly. Also does host-to-host file transfer. High Speed File Transfer:

FILE ACCESS/Windows is a tightly integrated package that includes `A' Series or `V' Series software, PNC's high speed SCSI hardware and Windows based file transfer software. FILE ACCESS/Windows utilizes the latest in HIGH-SPEED SCSI technology to provide the fastest speeds possible between mainframe and LAN.


Supports All major file types including Text, Binary, printer and Compiler types - File Access has many built-in formatting features such as automatic sequencing for compiler-type files and automatic formatting and handling of spacing for Printer backup files.

Multiple Simultaneous Transfers - File Access can transfer up to 6 files in either direction concurrently saving overall transfer time.

Four Ways to Initiate File Transfers - File transfers can be initiated by the Host System Operator using an easy to use SYSTEM/COPY-like syntax or via WFL (A-series) or STOQUE (V-series). Another way is that The PC operator can initiate a transfer by merely dragging a file over with a mouse, "point and shoot." transfers can also be initiated by the use of the "auto-xfer" feature. Any user on the network can place a file into the AUTO-XFER directory for automatic upload. The file type will be determined by the file suffix.

Flexible Format Specification File - File access uses specification mechanism that enables the system administrator to build virtually endless numbers of different data types. This feature not only makes it easy for the system operator, but also reduces the chance of formatting errors.

Supports All WindowsNT topologies and transports - File Access uses WindowsNT file/directory sharing capabilitites. File-Access can transfer files to/from PCs/SERVERs which provide shareable or accessible directories. NO client software is needed.


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