ATS-2RM 4RM Brochure.pdf

ATS-12RM Brochure.pdf

ATS-2DT 4DT Brochure.pdf

ASG - ATM Switch Gateway Brochure.pdf

X25-RM Brochure.pdf

X25-DT Brochure.pdf

" The A dvantage T erminal S erver Family "

T erminal Servers with a variety of options and configurations to fit our customer needs, because one terminal server can not be all to everyone and be cost effective.

The above ATS Units are our enhanced versions , these do not have the station limitations as the ATS2/4 and run using LINUX as the operating system. This allows us to use telnet and a browser to interrogate the system, and to use the many features of diagnostics and system multi-tasking. see the following PDF brochures below.

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